Blue Aero Cursors Tatsune Riku !
Tatsune Riku
Name : 竜音リク - Tatsune Riku
TYPE: Rimoconloid | RC-R03
Age : 14
Height : 148cm
Character Item : Fluffy Pillow
Date of Birth : 2nd April 1999
Released date : 28th August 2011
Description :
Riku is a shota utau that is created based on my favorite type of person, to make him kawaii hshshs

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Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 2:47 AM | 1 star(s)
Hi there, welcome to my UTAU, Tatsune Riku's blog created by me, Zen Kurosaki! XD
Enjoy your stay! Hope you like it~ ouo